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Membership in ADO


What is ADO Practice Solutions?

ADO Practice Solutions is a doctor alliance with buying group benefits focused on making savings and growth simple for Independent Eye Care Practices through vendor savings from over 120 industry-focused vendor partners, and a broad collection of practice management tools & services to help practices do what they do best, even better! Learn more about us here.


How Can I Join?

ADO Memberships are available to Independent Eye Care Practices. For more information contact us and an ADO Membership Consultant will be in touch!


What Are ADO's Membership Fees?

ADO’s Memberships are month-to-month, with no contracts and no hidden fees. All ADO Members are responsible for is just one flat monthly payment for any ADO Membership. To learn more about pricing contact us, call us at 800.328.9433, or enroll today by filling out this form.


Is ADO a Buying Group?

ADO Practice Solutions is a doctor alliance with buying group benefits, meaning all ADO Memberships include vendor discounts and rebates, like traditional buying groups but ADO offers more in terms of access to contact lens & ophthalmic lens pricing and rebates and a broad collection of practice management tools & services to help IECPs simplify processes while focusing on growth.


Discounts & Vendor Relationships


What Discounts Are Offered By ADO's Membership?

Check out our full list of our Vendor Partners and member discounts on our Vendor Catalog.


Do I Have To Switch All My Vendors Myself?

Absolutely not! We contact all the vendors you select to bill through ADO and switch the billing for you! Once your vendors have been converted to ADO, we provide you with an organized list of your vendor and account numbers. The more you use ADO programs and Vendor partnerships, the more you'll save.


Will Joining ADO Change How I Place My Orders?

Joining ADO will NOT change the way you place orders. Your orders will still ship directly to you. Be sure to use the account/drop-ship number that ADO provides you for each vendor.


What Vendors Are Included On The Free Frame Shipping Program?

All of the vendors participating in our Free Frame Shipping Program can be found here.


Statements & Billing


Can I View My Statements Online?

Yes! After you are an official ADO member, you’ll be issued your ADO account number which you can use to register online in just a few simple steps. Watch this video for more details about where to see your statement and how to read your statement.


Do I Have To Bill All My Vendors Through ADO?

No – you have complete control over how you use ADO Practice Solutions. Bill as much or as little as you want through ADO but keep in mind, the more you use ADO, the more you save.


What If I Have Additional Questions?

If you have any questions that have not been answered above, please do not hesitate to Contact Us , or give us a call at 800.328.9433.